Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 20: Pattycake Bakery

One of the things on my I Want My Life Back list is to try things that are outside of my comfort zone. You might not believe this, but I was pretty uncomfortable about trying out Pattycake Bakery. Why? Because it's vegan! VEGAN!!! No eggs! No butter! Seriously! Who wants to eat that?

But I heard so many good things about it that I finally announced to Rohan one morning, "I have a surprise for you!" and took him to Pattycake Bakery.

Um...he liked it. Loved it even, and I'm telling you, I felt the same way! Seriously! Their stuff is AMAZING! I mean, it's not just good by vegan standards--it's GOOD, period. Honestly, I had a fleeting thought while I was there that perhaps they lie and really do use eggs and milk. Then I realized there were an awful lot of people working in the back and at least one of them would have spilled the beans if that were the case. That good.

I tasted the chocolate cupcake (amazing), the lemon cupcake (good), the Toll House cookies (how in the HELL can these be vegan?!), the pumpkin whoopie pie (swoon), and the vanilla cupcake (delightful). Yeah, I brought home some stuff for the rest of the family. And, I might have presented it thusly: "Isn't that cookie amazing?! Yeah, well guess what? IT'S VEGAN!!"

Fun thing, that goal of trying things outside of my comfort zone!

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