Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 14: I Want My Life Back Update

I think it might be a good idea to update every Saturday how I'm doing on getting my life back.

I'm happy to say I did very, very well this week.
  • I worked in the garden with my three-year-old son, Rohan two days this week. We also planted a bunch of seeds (zinnias, cosmos, and basil), which he's happily watched sprout. 
  • I went to the Gahanna Herb Festival today. I didn't buy anything, but I went. In the past, I tended to think about doing such things, but then I would think it was just too much trouble and  I wouldn't bother going. Today, I followed through. 
  • To my great joy, I set up my outside fountain.  The birds are enjoying it, too, truth be told. :-) 
  • I did spend less time on the computer this week. Yay!
  • I exercised five times this week, and what a wonderful week it was. Last night I went for a walk at 8:30. It was still warm, but the wind was amazingly hard. I love wind. 
  • I cooked Moroccan food for the family last night (which is pictured on this entry). Moroccan main dishes are heavy on meat, and since my kids and my husband are vegetarians, I had to adapt a recipe for them. It came out very well, and Rohan told me, "Thank you for cooking me Moroccan food, Mommy!" Melt. 
An amazingly successful week, in my estimation!

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  1. This is GORGEOUS! It looks so yummy and delicious. What did A and H have to say about it?