Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 28: Festive Festivals

I have a new goal. Columbus Underground recently posted a list of festivals in the coming year, and I've decided that I'm going to go to at least five of them. Here's the list:

I'm definitely going to hit up the Pride Festival, which was an absolute blast last year.  I went to the Eco-Chic Craftacular last year as well. It was OK. It's very easy to get to, so I'll probably stop by there. The Columbus Arts Festival is my birthday weekend, and that seems like a lovely way to celebrate. I've always wanted to go to the Jazz and Rib Fest, so that's definitely on the list. Comfest. I have to go to Comfest this year. The Ohio State Fair is a must-go every year. Maybe to round things out I'll go to Oktoberfest, which is, oddly, in September. Go figure.

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