Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Career Altar

With so many of us going through career transitions right now, I thought this advice from Interior Alignment might be helpful.

-Dawn Gettig, CPIA

How do you create a career altar?

1. Decide what you would like in a job/career. Do some soul searching.

2. Create your altar on a table or shelf. Any small space will do.

3. You may want to cover the altar with a piece of fabric.

4. Next, write an intention (in present tense) for your career. Example: I now have a job that pays well, utilizes my talents (list them), and I love what I do. Put this on the altar.

5. Find pictures or objects around the house or out-of-doors that symbolize your goals for a new job. For example, you might use a paintbrush if you desire a job with creativity or a rock if you want a job with stability. Add a journal or pen if you’d like to write or want to work in an office. A small metal star represents you would like to be a “star” at work. These are just a few examples – as you can see the possibilities for creating your altar are endless!

6. For best results put the altar in the career area of your home/office or space you live in. This is approximately the front/middle section of your environment. The front section of your home is determined by where your front door or room door is located.

7. Activate your altar daily or at least weekly with one or more of the following; fresh flowers, light a candle or incense, ring a bell, say a prayer.

8. Be sure to be specific with your intentions and carefully chose your symbols so you find the job/career that really suits you and what you love.

9. And believe you will find the right job!

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